• Virtual System

DABAS(Digital Asset Business Accounting Solution)

DABAS loads the virtual asset transaction data from a virtual asset service provider (VASP) and provides automation closing business accounting in daily with supporting evidance materials such as accounting & taxation business services, transaction reports , account balance sheets, and etc.

Virtual Asset Service Providers
Corporate Members


  • Virtual Asset Management
  • Virtual asset accounting
  • Stock/Intangible Asset Evaluation
  • Oversea Virtual Asset Accounting
  • Accounting Service by FIFO
  • Acquisition Cost Calculation
  • Standard Price & Settlement of Accounts
  • Verification by levels
VASP Corporate Members
  • Transaction Reports
  • Account Balance Sheets
  • Detailed Transaction Statements
National Tax Service Materials for VASPs
  • Virtual asset transaction statements
  • Summary sheets for virtual asset transaction

* DABAS provides virtual asset accounting & taxation business services for corporate memebers. If you have any inquery about it, please contact us seperately.